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All ingredients are listed in the item/product description for your review before purchase and are also listed on the label for your review before use. By purchasing any items or products, you are agreeing that you will not hold Savage Fish Suds responsible should you have an allergic reaction from using any item purchased. **Products DO contain nut oils!** If you have any questions regarding products or ingredients, please send a message to savagefishsuds@gmail.com before making a purchase!

Dyes/Colorant Disclaimer:  All dyes used in the production of Savage Fishs Suds products are batch certified as required by the FDA. When using bath bombs containing colorants, especially dyes, the current condition and material of your tub will make a difference as to whether the product used will stain. Colorant will stick to any residue or soap scum present in the tub so using products in a freshly clean tub is advised. If any residue or color is left behind, rinse the tub thoroughly and wipe the area of residue with warm water. Bath bombs, bubble bars or any other type of bathing product with any type of colorant should not be used in tubs with scratched or scuffed surfaces, damaged, uneven or worn finish, textured finish or porcelain. Test a small piece of product in the bath if you are unsure how it will perform, react or behave in your tub before full use. You are responsible for knowing the condition of your tub before use!

Additional Note: Rubbing, holding, or crushing the bomb while it dissolves may stain your skin. Please allow bath bomb to fully dissolve before entering the bath. 

Usage of fragrance oil that contains vanillin may cause solid bubble bath to turn a bit brown. This is purely aesthetic and does not affect usability of the product at all! 

Savage Fish Suds is not responsible for staining resulting from bath bombs or solid bubble bath. 

Shipping: All products ordered will be shipped to the shipping address listed at checkout generally within 5 to 7 business days of purchase. You are responsible for ensuring that your shipping address information is up to date and correct to avoid any issues with ship time or delays in delivery. Some orders may take longer to fulfill and the ship time may be adjusted, prolonged or changed should it be deemed necessary and Savage Fish Suds reserves the right to do so. You will receive a tracking number to the email address or mobile number provided at checkout once the shipping label has been created to fulfill shipment. 

Refunds/Exchanges/Returns: We do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations.

Damaged Products: Minor damage or imperfections such as cracking, slight crushing and small dents may occur during shipment/carrier travel. These minor issues only affect the aesthetic of the item and not the usability and therefore, they will not be eligible for an exchange. Major or severe damage will need to be reviewed in order to be considered eligible for replacement. You will need to submit a photograph of the product's condition in the exact state it was in when it arrived within three days of the carrier confirmed delivery date. Leave the product inside the box and do not open or tamper with the packaging before photographing the damage. Submissions need to be submitted for review to savagefishsuds@gmail.com

No replacement will be issued for any product that has been used, opened or tampered with in any way.

Lost/Stolen Packages: Savage Fish Suds is not responsible for lost or stolen packages confirmed to be delivered by the carrier to the address that was provided at checkout. Please contact the carrier for any information regarding the delivery of the package in question. You will need to provide your tracking number to the carrier in order to have the incident investigated. If the carrier is unable to locate, find or assist with the package, please contact savagefishsuds@gmail.com with the case number provided from the carrier. The information provided will be reviewed and a decision for resolution or lack thereof will be made on a case to case basis.

Additional Notes: The products produced by Savage Fish Suds are handmade in small batches and there will be some discrepancies with the shade and intensity of color, details/decorations and strength as well as scent of fragrances used. Handpainted details may vary. Bathbombs may or may not float.

By purchasing products from Savage Fish Suds, you understand and agree to all of the terms listed above.